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Fortinet Wireless Access Points

Fortinet bietet eine umfangreiche Familie von WLAN Access Points für verschiedenste Anwendungen an.

Alle FortiAPs können über aktuelle FortiGate Firewalls, die die WLAN Controller Funktion übernehmen, zentral administriert werden - ohne zusätzliche Kosten oder Lizenzen. Sie benötigen keinen eigenen WLAN Controller!

Alternativ können FortiAPs auch cloudbasierend über FortiCloud administriert werden: www.forticloud.com

Wireless Produkt Matrix        FortiGate Wireless LAN Controller

indoor Serie    outdoor Serie    remote Serie

FortiAP indoor Serie

Indoor Enterprise WLAN Deployment

FortiAP indoor WLAN access points come in a range of form factors and performance profiles, with a model to suit any indoor enterprise wireless LAN deployment.

Smoke detector style models provide a discreet look to prevent tampering. Other models are equipped with external antenna connectors, for use with directional or panel antennas, while the plenumrated models support the extended temperature range required for installation in ceilings.

FortiAP 24D

The FortiAP 24D is a cost-effective single radio 802.11n AP, designed for non-mission critical applications in low density indoor environments like small branch offices. The integrated switch-ports allow you to connect additional wired devices directly to the AP, such as PCs or printers.

FortiAP 221C, 223C and 321C

The FortiAP 221C, FortiAP 223C and FortiAP 321C are dual-radio 802.11ac APs, designed for medium density indoor environments, including hotspot and guest or social WiFi deployments. The smoke detector form factor of the FortiAP 221C and FortiAP 321C is perfect where discreet installation is required, like school classrooms and retail stores. The RP-SMA antenna connectors on the FortiAP 223C allow directional or panel antennas to be installed, providing a range of antenna options in environments with challenging coverage requirements. Both the FortiAP 221C
and FortiAP 223C are also dual-radio and dual-band devices, supporting simultaneous client connections and rogue AP scanning for PCI compliance.

FortiAP 320C

The FortiAP 320C is the highest performance dual-radio 802.11ac AP, with client association rates of up to 1,300 Mbps. Leveraging powerful 3x3 MIMO technology and three spatial streams, this AP is designed for high density environments that need the highest level of data throughput possible. Designed with dual redundant PoE Ethernet ports to provide maximum resiliency, this AP is ideal for mission-critical environments such as hospitals and manufacturing facilities. The plenum-rated enclosure and extended temperature range also allows deployment above ceiling tiles in
office environments or in non-temperature controlled warehouses.


FortiAP outdoor Serie

Outdoor Enterprise WLAN Deployment

FortiAP outdoor WLAN access points are ruggedized products designed for installation in harsh physical environments.

Outdoor FortiAPs can provide outdoor access to clients when deployed in AP mode, or they can be used as a wireless mesh client to enabling bridging or point-to-multipoint coverage for large outdoor areas. Some models are equipped with external antenna connectors to support the use of directional or panel antennas and dual-port models feature PoE pass-through to power IP CCTV cameras.

FortiAP 112D

The FortiAP 112B is an entry-level 802.11n outdoor AP, designed for outdoor deployments with a low client density. The AP is powered by PoE, but also features a spare Ethernet port supporting PoE-PS, which can be used to both bridge and power an outdoor IP CCTV camera, such as Fortinet’s FortiCam. Just like all FortiAP products, this versatile AP can be configured to operate in AP mode, Mesh mode, Bridge Mode, or as a remote AP if required.

FortiAP 222C

The FortiAP 222C is a high-performance dual-band 2x2 MIMO 802.11ac technology AP, supporting 80 MHz channel width, to achieve a 280% throughput improvement over an 802.11n equivalent. Designed in a ruggedized IP67-rated enclosure and capable of withstanding extended temperature ranges, this AP is suitable for deployment in the most harsh conditions, like oil rigs, utility substations and outdoor stadiums. The N-type antenna connectors also make this AP suitable for use with high-quality external antennas for long-distance and mission-critical bridging or
mesh deployments.

FortiAP 224D

The FortiAP 224D is an 802.11n outdoor AP designed for medium density outdoor applications, like municipal WiFi or outdoor school environments. The IP66-rated enclosure protects the AP from the normal weather conditions you would expect outdoors and the RP-SMA antenna connections support the connection of external directional or panel antennas for extended coverage in challenging locations.


FortiAP remote Serie

Remote AP Deployment

FortiAP Remote WLAN access points have been purpose-built for installation in remote locations, with coverage areas of up to 300m2.

Preprovisioned APs can be shipped to a remote user and connect back to the FortiGate wireless controller via a secure tunnel over any Internet connection.

The AP can broadcast the same SSID at the remote location as it does at headquarters, providing a seamless roaming experience for users. The wired ports can also be bridged to an SSID, enabling devices such as VoIP phones to seamlessly connect back to the corporate network. The remote series of FortiAPs are designed to increase the security remote wireless LANs, while simplifying management and reducing helpdesk calls.


FortiAP 11C

The FortiAP 11C is a small plug-and-play 1x1 MIMO access point suitable for traveling road warriors or teleworkers, featuring an integrated power plug for easy storage and installation. It has two Ethernet ports (LAN and WAN), allowing you to connect wired devices like VoIP phones back to the corporate network, enabling an instant office for the distributed workforce.

FortiAP 14C

The FortiAP 14C is a cost-effective 1x1 MIMO access point, with integrated 5 port 10/100 Ethernet switch in small desktop form factor. The AP is designed for deployment in small remote offices or hotels, allowing a number of additional wired devices to be connected directly to the AP, such as PCs, VoIP phones or printers.

FortiAP 21D

The FortiAP 21D is a tiny 2x2 MIMO access point, powered from a standard USB port (or included USB power adapter). This AP is perfect for deployment as cost-effective FortiPresence analytics sensor, or for traveling employees. The dual Ethernet ports enable bridging of devices like VoIP phones back to the corporate network.

FortiAP 25D

The FortiAP 25D is a small power-strip design dual-band 2x2 MIMO access point. With 5 Ethernet ports, this AP is well suited to desktop deployments in hotels or hospitality environments, enabling the connection of Point-of-Sale and other remote equipment back to the corporate network.

FortiAP 28C

The FortiAP 28C is designed for larger remote offices, featuring a higher performance dual-band 2x2 MIMO radio and a 10 port Gigabit Ethernet switch. This AP can be deployed to provide all of the wired and wireless connectivity and security for your remote office.

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